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The Privacy-first Brave browser

The Privacy-first Brave browser

published: 19:35:00 19/01/2022

I wanted to also note that the Brave browser's 2021 usage more than doubled from its previous
year. Brave began 2021 with 24.1 million users and ended the year with 50.2 million users, for a
220% growth during 2021. And this growth is also exponential since Brave has been more than
doubling their user base every year, now for the past five years.
For those who haven't been following the Brave alternative closely, it's also based upon the
common Chromium platform and thus offers nearly all of the features available in the other
Chromium browsers including Chrome and Edge. But Brave separates itself from them by
explicitly not tracking searches or sharing any personal or identifying data with third-party
companies like Google or Microsoft.
In addition to its monthly active users jumping to above 50 million, Brave is also seeing 15.5
million active users daily, and its mobile browser has received more than 10 million downloads.
So, just a note that if privacy is enough of a concern to have you considering a non-Chrome
alternative, Brave is certainly winning many adherents who appear to be quite happy with their
decision to switch.
Module web design has used the brave web broswer for over 12 months and i highly reccomend everyone to try it 

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