Module Web Design - We specialise in helping your business to be more successful online
We specialise in helping your business to be more successful online

Our Services

Here are the services we have to offer if you are looking for a service that is not below free feel to contact us and we will let you know if we can provide that service or we will point you in the right direction to people that we know and trust

Retail & Trade E-commerce Websites

Is your business looking to sell your products online? If so we can help, we specialists in e-commerce solutions in delivering profitable tailored e-commerce website solutions to help your business sell product online. Whatever your industry we can create the right solution for your business with our custom built e-commerce solutions. We have many years of experience in making and maintaining e-commerce websites for our clients keeping their websites profitable also keeping the website safe and secure.

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Bespoke Business Websites

We make websites for businesses that are made to your specification and to suit your needs and allowing you to easily update information on your website with our easy to use admin panel. Also when your business grows and changes so will your website with out the need to reinvest in having a new website, instead we just add more features saving you time and money

Secure Managed Web & Email Hosting

We offer Secure Managed Web & Email Hosting which means we look after all the technical aspects to keep your website online and is constantly maintained to the highest standards by keeping your website code updated and any security holes patched up so you don't have to worry about anything giving you more time to do what you do best and run your business

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Digital Marketing & Seo

It is all very well to have a great looking website how ever if there is no web traffic is coming into your website then what is the point? We can help your website get the web traffic it deserves by improving you search engine ranking naturally and also the use other marketing techniques to increase web traffic from targeted sources which increases conversions and boosts sales

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Automated Web & Email Backup Services

Imagine how much time and money this will save you, if you delete something important or your Website gets hacked and your laptop gets stolen. Instead of everything being lost, including all your data, records and content etc. They will be backed up, and will be there ready if the worst scenario ever happened, then you'll be back in business in minutes for the small price from £10 per month

Other Services

We also offer Graphics design, Photography, Underwater Photography, 3d modelling, 3d printing, PC repair and IT consultancy if you would like more information please get in contact