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DuckDuckGo search engine continues to grow

DuckDuckGo search engine continues to grow

published: 21:33:50 05/01/2022

DuckDuckGo is picking up the pace of its continued growth:

Now that 2021 has wrapped up we know how the year went for DuckDuckGo: Its privacyfocused search engine was used for more than 34.8 billion queries in 2021, which is an increase
of more than 47 percent from 2020. And given that fact that Google and Bing are known to be
rapaciously siphoning and tracking and doing everything in their power to extract every possible
bit of revenue from their users, DuckDuck's growth suggests that many people are becoming
increasingly comfortable with an alternative.
DuckDuckGo, which initially made a name for itself being a search engine that had no interest in
tracking, further expanded into other products—including apps and extensions aimed at
enforcing or enabling a more private online browsing experience. And now DuckDuck is planning
to expand its offerings to include a browser app for desktop users.
At the end of his “2021 Review” blog post, DuckDuckGo's CEO Gabriel Weinberg talked a bit
about their forthcoming desktop web browser, saying...


Like we’ve done on mobile, DuckDuckGo for desktop will redefine user expectations of
everyday online privacy. No complicated settings, no misleading warnings, no “levels” of
privacy protection – just robust privacy protection that works by default, across search,
browsing, email, and more. It's not a "privacy browser"; it's an everyday browsing app that
respects your privacy because there's never a bad time to stop companies from spying on your
search and browsing history.
Instead of forking Chromium or anything else, we’re building our desktop app around the
OS-provided rendering engines (like on mobile), allowing us to strip away a lot of the
unnecessary cruft and clutter that’s accumulated over the years in major browsers. With our
clean and simple interface combined with the beloved Fire Button from our mobile app,
DuckDuckGo for desktop will be ready to become your new everyday browsing app. Compared
to Chrome, the DuckDuckGo app for desktop is cleaner, way more private, and early tests
have found it significantly faster too!

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