Module Web Design - We specialise in helping your business to be more successful online
We specialise in helping your business to be more successful online
Digital Marketing & Seo

Digital Marketing & Seo

our digital marketing service focuses on these main areas


Brand building on online and offline


In order for your business to look professional we will help you improve your brand so that your brand looks and feels the same across all mediums. whether that on on your website, the emails you send out, or and documents you give to your customers or anything else that involves your brand giving your business professional look.


Email marketing


One of the great things about email marketing is that we have a direct access to your customers because emails are personal and getting this right is key. we use a very gentle approach that way we can give your customers your message with out them thinking its a spam email or we are trying to sell them something because once they think that they will just unsubscribe


Website content


What make website become very successful is not how great it looks because search engines only really interested on the content and not the design. search engines like to see website with fresh content weather that be from content being updated or new content being added and the more changes of content the website has the more search engines like this and will favour your website compared to a website that does not get updated.


Social media


Over the last few years social media has exploded on the internet having thousands of different social media networks and it can be overwhelming to pick the correct ones that work for you. so we work out which platforms work for you then we will focus our efforts on them for the best return on investment.


Search engine optimization


It is all very well to have a great looking website how ever if there is no web traffic is coming into your website then what is the point? we can help your website get the web traffic it deserves by improving you search engine ranking naturally showing up high in organic listings.


Link building from 3rd party websites


The web is so called because websites link to other websites creating a web on website. by making relevant link back to your website will help with your seo by improving your page rank which will position on search engines


Other marketing techniques


We often think outside the box giving us the edge against your competition and if you find something that works for you we will us it and develop that concept further to increase web traffic, increases conversions and boosts sales